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TESA represents all educational support staff advocating the interest of educational support personnel in all areas of education.

Texas is the greatest state in the United States. Our Texas Educational Support Staff Association, Inc., (TESA) is the only educational paraprofessional organization in this great state. You often hear it said, “I may not be a Texan by birth, but I got here as soon as I could.” Being a part of your professional organization is important so if you are not a member now, we hope you will become one as soon as you can.

The TOP 10 reasons you should join or maintain your membership are:

10. Win door prizes, 50/50 (money!), and receive early bird gifts at EXCITING workshops and events.
9. Network with people from all over Texas who share your same job duties.
8. Receive four issues of The TESA Connection; an award-winning magazine.
7. Receive the inside scoop on things paraprofessionals are doing all over the State of Texas
6. Learn new and creative ideas for your work or home from GREAT workshop sessions and presenters.
5. Receive extensive professional growth during Summer Work Conference, Area Workshops, and Staff Training for Effective Management (STEM) classes.
4. Apply for the Lorene Roby Rogers Memorial Scholarship for continuing education.
3. Apply for the Dr. Michael Zolkoski Technology Scholarship for TESA members who would like to enhance the paraprofessional’s knowledge of technology
2. Get up-to-date information on legislative proceedings regarding education

And the #1 reason for joining/maintaining membership in TESA is:

Meet and make TERRIFIC new/lifelong friends!

Affiliated with NAEOP

TESA Calendar

Wednesday, April 8, 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM
STEM Class - Time Management - Houston
Wednesday, April 8, 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM
STEM Class - Customer Service - Houston
Saturday, April 11, 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
STEM Class - Basic Communication - Mesquite
Saturday, April 25 - All Day
Consultant Training - North
Tuesday, June 16 - All Day
TESA Summer Work Conference
Wednesday, July 22 - All Day
NAEOP Annual Conference


Message From Our President

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  We have finished our new website, and I hope you enjoy our new look and presence. You will find many enhancements that I hope you find to be easier to use.

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