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TESA represents all educational support staff advocating the interest of educational support personnel in all areas of education.

Texas is the greatest state in the United States. Our Texas Educational Support Staff Association, Inc., (TESA) is the only educational paraprofessional organization in this great state. You often hear it said, “I may not be a Texan by birth, but I got here as soon as I could.” Being a part of your professional organization is important so if you are not a member now, we hope you will become one as soon as you can.

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Affiliated with NAEOP

TESA Calendar

Friday, June 5 - All Day
TESA Office Closed
Tuesday, June 16 - All Day
TESA Summer Work Conference
Wednesday, July 22 - All Day
NAEOP Annual Conference


Message From Our President

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Finally, spring has arrived!   The Texas bluebonnets and paint brushes are blooming alongside the road, roses are budding, and of course the weeds are trying to take over the grass in our yards.  But after a long, cold, and wet winter, I’ll take the weeds. 

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